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Questioning beliefs

Are you still with me? Congratulations! !! You've won your first practical belief questioning exercise. 


Like many other words, Magic is often accompanied by conditioning or beliefs that generate reactions in us.

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To evolve is to avoid being carried away by these reactions, to observe and analyse them in order to understand what is behind them. The main tool? An open mind. The only one that allows us to free ourselves from the beliefs that limit our behaviour since... our childhood?


Exercise: What did the word Magic awaken in you? Please describe it as precisely as possible, either with words that link together to form a sentence, or with independent concepts that draw a "sensory image", etc. Be creative, be free, be Yourself.


Read the quote again. If the word "Magic" is not the right word for you, choose the concept that seems most appropriate for you. Listen to the feelings that the different possibilities generate in you. When a concept is capable of encompassing the breadth of what you understand by Magic in this sentence, write it down. There are no right or wrong words. Be creative, be free, be Yourself.

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In a permanently changing environment, the development of an individual depends on his ability to choose freely.


It is important to be aware that your values and beliefs were chosen voluntarily and not influenced by your past or those around you.

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Often, this awareness is enough to solve a problem. In other cases, some adjustments are necessary.

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