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Vial exercise

The processes of silence and seclusion allow us to access deep introspection. Several traditions propose in their practices periods of isolation and absence of contact with the outside world. What is the objective? To open up to oneself, to allow blocked emotions to express themselves, to understand our conscious and unconscious ways of functioning, to feel the influence of our presence on our environment and vice versa... The benefits of this practice are unsuspected. 


Our pace of life often prevents us from reserving spaces dedicated to these processes of silence and seclusion. The Vial Exercise is a response to this need. This "portable introspection tool" allows us to listen and observe ourselves without necessarily interrupting our daily activities. This is why the "portable" character is essential as well as the importance of being in contact with the skin. 

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Beyond 10 days, this exercise of introspection to be anchored in our daily life can be prolonged according to our feelings. Consciously accompanying a transition process in our life, elucidating the real trigger of our emotional peaks, understanding and unearthing our repressed emotions ... this exercise helps us to heighten our sensitivity and learn from it even in the absence of precise objectives. 

If you would like to receive the Vial Exercise, please fill in the contact form with the subject "Vial Exercise" and you will receive it for free. 


Where to find this "portable introspection tool"? It is not easy. That is why Kiandra Speirs-Grey, after having carried out this exercise, decided to propose the "Vial Necklace". Handmade with love and filled with her best wishes, Kiandra has made them available on her online shop. If you want one, please contact her quickly as this is a limited edition. 

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The Alignment Method

This prevention system of psychosocial risks begins with a test that allows us to know the current state of the company.


The results will position the company in a graph, called the "360° Graph", which will allow us to identify the quality of stress through the analysis of known symptoms in the company. We can then control the effects in a pragmatic way.


The situation of the company on this graph explains the relationship between the understanding of the functioning of the individuals and the behavioural system of the company. 


Looking at this very simplified version of the 360° Graph, we understand that the state of alignment, the state that allows an organisation to achieve maximum performance, is the liquid state.


The processes to be carried out to reach the liquid state must be seen as a whole, because the key to the success of this method lies in the interaction of its elements. Being serene, knowing oneself and having a good self-esteem generates a state of mind that leaves no room for psychosocial risks. Acquired through good introspection, it allows us to face changes without fear, because we have everything we need to make the right decisions. 


The pace of change is a personal decision and each company is free to choose its moment to take a step. The steps in a company's alignment work must follow a certain order but can be done independently. 


The success of this method will be seen in the company's ability to express itself, to question and to reflect on its own, i.e. in its ability to be free and to create a positive synergy.


If you would like more information or would like to receive the initial M.A. test directly with a date for the results conference, please fill in the contact form and select the desired subject to send us your request. 

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