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In a world where objective reality does not exist, the point of view takes the central place in the interpretation of what we call real.

Lara Baldomir

With a degree in business studies, a master's degree in journalism and an RNCP 7 professional coach certification, I see my career as a great tool for self-knowledge.

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Starting from the economy, my gaze has gradually moved from society to the individual, a particle of a whole. The economic concept of 'exchange' made my interest in communication indispensable, which gradually directed me towards the 'point of view'. Our words, both spoken and heard, are conditioned by various factors: our socio-cultural group, our time, the memories they evoke, the images we project onto them... This "point of view" acts as a filter through which we will see our reality in a certain colour.

In order to illustrate this concept, I wrote and co-directed "Point of View", a short film whose intention is to show how, although we belong to the same society, each one of us sees the world in a very different way. This view of the world depends on our perspective, our "point of view" which can change even after a brief encounter.


Always careful to make the choice that best suits me, I have followed several personal development approaches since my adolescence. This search for the Self has naturally led me to alignment, the objective of which is to respect the coherence between our thoughts, our emotions, our words and our actions. Based on this principle, I created a system for preventing psychosocial risks, the Alignment Method. 


The more I observe my personal and professional life, the more I become aware of the central role of Communication, the expression of our Being. Originally understood through rather obvious concepts such as writing, audio-visual, verbal, paraverbal... my conception of Communication is constantly developing. Thanks to the different experiences I have had and continue to have, my point of view continues to evolve, to gain height until I am able to detect much more subtle exchanges on a daily basis. Being aware of this fine communication between the various layers of ourselves allows us to adjust our alignment on a daily basis.

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When alignment work begins, it is impossible to anticipate all the benefits. Something unconscious becomes conscious and this new understanding enables alignment.

The effects of alignment

As we are in constant interaction with our environment, the shift in one person's axis causes all of his or her surroundings to move in turn to accommodate and integrate into this new order.


The surroundings adapt to the change by repositioning themselves to match the new behaviour of the aligned person. When the flow of a river changes, the nature around adapts to the new situation.


This process can give us the impression that problems disappear as if by "magic", but in fact we are the "magicians". After this alignment work, we often feel fluidity, simplicity, great clarity and above all a sense of well-being.

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When we are aligned, there is less resistance because there is a strong coherence between our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Therefore, the more aligned we are, the less effort we need to put in to get what we want.

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